Custom Ear Plugs - The Environmental Choice

Custom Ear Plugs - The Environmental Choice

How could hearing protection and the environment go hand in hand? Seems unlikely, but they are more closely related than you may think!

Let’s talk about the average high-noise workplace. At the average workplace, a worker will use and dispose of 4 pairs of disposable earplugs a day. At 15 cents per pair, this will add up to $150 per worker, per year. That adds up to $750 every 5 years for one worker. While custom earplugs fit better and protect better, only cost $150 and last more than 5 years.

The environmental impact of disposable ear plugs is even more staggering. If a company with 200 workers all use 2 pairs of foam earplugs per day, 100,000 pairs of used non-biodegradable  earplugs are being sent to a landfill by this one company each year. Within five years, this single company will send one million non-biodegradable earplugs to the landfill- and that’s just one company!

A team of Yale students calculated the waste sent to landfills and it totaled out to 294 million tons! The constant disposal of foam earplugs simply adds to this already staggering number. Make the decision to buy custom ear plugs and help create and maintain a better environment.

Want a great s
olution to this problem? Use custom-molded hearing protection. Since it’s recommended to replace your custom hearing every 5 years, each worker would only be contributing one pair of earplugs to a landfill every 5 years, instead of 5,000 pairs in 5 years. And, it would save $600 per worker every 5 years. 

Jump on board with FLUXX and buy custom ear plugs, save your green, and help the environment today!